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Architetti Artigiani Anonimi celebrates the most spontaneous and authentic expressions of living while supporting and promoting

Italy’s unique cultural and productive identity.


Architects are defenders, cultivators and ambassadors who maintain the authenticity of each space by uniting fine craftsmanship with cultural context rooted in tradition.


Architecture on every scale is an expression of place, time, history and collective culture and is inextricably tied to its local context rather than being used as a propaganda tool.


The mission is to create projects that are born out of an intimate exchange between our studio, our clients and each local context.

Drawing inspiration from this, we aspire to always deliver different results, becoming almost unrecognizable in the scope of our work... even "anonymous architects"!


Architetti Artigiani Anonimi is

an architecture, interior and product design studio

founded in Amalfi

by Annarita Aversa.

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